Amulya provides fast, reliable service. Every day we get positive feedback from our clients. Here are a few examples:

Karla de Oliveira, Australia
"You provided us with excellent service. Thumbs up for your team! As a team, you worked together, promptly attended to any requests we made with an extremely professional approach and speedy responses not only for our internal requests but also for our customers. That is not to say you have a very pro-active approach!

Our customers have sent excellent feedback after being helped your staff countless times. This had a very positive impact in our business, bring our customer service back together. I only want to thank you all for your efforts and you are surely a service to recommend!!"

Mandy Gibbons - virtualfitnesstrainer.com
"I would like to thank both the sales and support staff of Amulya.

Until I used Amulya I had never hired a "support company" to help me with server, software or support issues. However I had hired individuals in the past and had been really disheartened. After asking around I was personally recommended by one of Amulya's clients who said their support service was awesome and to definitely try them.

Amulya have helped me move web hosts, set up my VPS, along with updating support software for me. They've promptly sorted out server and email issues that I didn't understand - and didn't have time to spend hours in the search engines researching tutorials. There's been times when I've been tearing my hair out and these guys have come to my rescue.

I've always been concerned about hiring a support service - as my site is not only my bread and butter but having people deal with sensitive information in regards to your site can be scary. Within the first few hours of dealing with Amulya I felt both comfortable and confident with them.

I was really impressed with Amulya fast service and their pricing - which is affordable and worth every cent. Also, which is pretty rare these days, is Amulya's effort to go above and beyond when they've fixed the issues I needed help with and explained them to me. I've been more than happy with Amulya's service and would recommend anyone - beginner or experienced when it comes to requiring help with their sites - to do the same."

Chris Dutrow - SharpDetail.com
"The use of this service has very literally been a lifesaver for me and oneof the best business decisions I have ever made. The high quality service provided combined with the super low cost allows me to host a full powered professional website on a dedicated server. Before using this service, server problems would take me days to fix and cost me many hundreds of dollars in lost time, lost business, and damaged reputation.

Now, I am able to send a quick e-mail to actsupport.com and for a staggeringly low price, they fix my issues in short time."

Mike Davis, Former Owner - LowestCostHost.com
"In my 4 years in the hosting industry I have worked with countless companies. Hands down the most professional, courteous and best value being actsupport.com. I have used there services since the start and couldn't be more pleased. These guys simply amaze me with everything they do, truly a remarkable company. For anyone looking for high quality support / server admin services I highly recommend actsupport.com!"

"The Amulya Team has exceeded our expectations with reliable, professional, knowledgeable, and affordable support for our client base. We would recommend their services to any web host looking for outsource helpdesk resources. ActiveServerHosting.com"

Tim Johnson, California
"I will vouch for amulya, they really work hard to get to know your company and tailor a plan for your needs. If you want someone that is willing to work for what you request in terms of details of your operation, these guys will be able to do it."

Tom Pyles, USA
"Dear Amulya,I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with your service. Each support request has been answered in a very timely manner (much faster than your 30min guarantee) as well as very prompt resolutions to client issues. I was reluctant at first to outsource any client support but quickly realized I could rest easy. Every response has been fast, friendly, as well as very helpful to the client. I realized that I made the right decision when my clients started sending me their own testimonials about our staff. I would recommend Amulya for any web hosting company that is looking for full time support as well as hosts just looking to suppliment their in-house staff (as we were). Again, a big ThankYou to the gang at Amulya and please keep up the great   work! "

"Absolutely brilliant..
this is unbelievable..
You guys are so fast in getting up my site so nice..
This is real good improvement on my site. Thanks a lot"

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