SaaS products - Technical and Customer support

Software as a Service model, often referred as Software - on – demand is turning out to revolutionize the whole Businesses and the world being carried over from traditional Non- SaaS, standalone apps to SaaS based applications. No more introductions required for SaaS as it has already been accepted by many winning companies which isolated the cost spent on purchasing individual software licenses, man power and hardware for maintaining the same. In addition to the tools and software now the total work flow and the entire Business Process can be managed and executed using the SaaS based applications just with a single sign in.


Furthermore the cost spent for managing the office space is also reduced to bare minimal and employees / teams can work from their individual networks / home networks and the Manager can coordinate, plan, connect and execute with his teams remotely by opting a SaaS solution. CIO’s are now less burdened in strategizing and planning for IT budget as he could foresee the revenue and the savings immediately when he signs up with SaaS based IT resources. He enjoys a risk free IT Budget planning for the consecutive financial year.



SaaS – Customer Service:
Most of the SaaS providers are now looking forward for a best place that could associate and help them increase the ‘Customer Loyalty’, Retention of Customers for a long term, Customer Service with high responsiveness. Listed here are the key factors that would determine the success of any prominent SaaS provider; these key factors are to calibrate the level of the services provided to the customers.

Support Guru had a vision almost 9 years ahead and all the below listed practices are rigidly followed within our company almost from past 9 years.

Accessibility – Ease of Access
Our Support team would be easily accessible over the phone / chat any time no matter what the peak traffic hours are. Our state of the art CISCO telephonic routing systems with Redundant 4 MBPS 1:1 leased Line and Radio Link Internet connectivity has augmented the support performance massively. The calls would be picked and answered within five seconds after the number is dialed. Our chat support agents have been historically spontaneous and we have proven track records of the said factors.

Down the history our responsiveness exhibited is one of the key success formulas for all the clients who have outsourced their support with us. We maintain a 20 min response time for all the emails sent and possible resolution within an hour maximum for Level 1 and Level 2 issues.

Proactive Support
Our support team would stay on top of the planned maintenance and would proactively keep all the customers informed on the service downtimes well in advance. Our customer education techniques have helped most of the client’s customers stay informed on the current happenings.

FCR – First call resolution
This key factor has a direct impact with the Customer Satisfaction level, and we call it as ‘First Call Resolution’. When a customer’s query or problem is answered and solved in his first attempt with the Support team, it leaves a positive vibe on the services that we offer and also help watermarks a high rating on their minds of the company/service that was offered.

Realistic Expectations
Our support team DO NOT provide generic replies to the customers when they contact for any service down times, instead we would educate the customers on the happenings and would help provide them with the realistic answers and keep them informed with the right answers.

Escalation Management
As there is always a breakdown of the whole processes as level 1, 2 and 3 our tiered support teams would know the values of the problems reported and they would well execute the prescribed Escalation methodologies effectively. If the Support technician observes that the scope of the issue is not within his provided level, he/she would define the actual issues and a thorough analysis of the reported problem is done.


As a next step they would simultaneously document the whole scenario and would immediately escalate the same to the Tier above. Also the same support technician would follow up with the escalation teams and keep the customers informed on the stages, and keep them informed on the ETA which is commonly predicted by the Escalation team.

Efficient Training Programs
Support Guru always operates with teams of ‘Multi Skilled Nature’, as a value added responsibility our Support Engineers are well versed with ‘Training Skills’. Any new client outsourcing his software/application/product, our Support Engineers would get the operational knowledge of the same and would effectively train the consumers of the software/application/product.


Effective training would help the consumers know more on the product and the usability rate would increase which in turn would help our clients build a strong long term bond with their consumers. These training programs also help the consumers in easy navigation of the product and better understanding on the key functionality of the product.


Account Management Process
Crossing the initial stages of support, our immediate focus would be on ‘Major Customers’ who would be utilizing the bulk volume of the product, to put it simple they would be classified as ‘Enterprises’. Our Support Engineers have ample experiences in handling the role of ‘Account Management’ managing the key accounts or key enterprises. Each enterprise or a key customer could be announced that a dedicated Support Account Manager would constantly monitor their account and provides incomparable support exclusively for the enterprise customers.


Our Account managers would proactively make out bound calls to the enterprises and would ensure the smooth usage of the product, conduct satisfaction surveys, update the consumers on the new features and much more.  The Enterprise Units can exclusively access this resource and can work closely to solve all their demands and needs, enjoying the specialized privileged care.

Effective Feedback Management
Our support engineers would always value the feedbacks received from the consumers and would document the same in a professional manner. The feedbacks obtained would try to address within offshore and the same would be passed to the clients. If the scope lies out of our boundaries the same would be documented well and sent to the onshore clients. The action on the feedback would be kept informed to the consumer who posted the same. Effective feedback management helps in product enhancements and in optimizing the product without any potential bugs.

Documentation serves as an Intellectual property for any organization and also plays a vital role in building robust Knowledgebase of any product. Our Technical support engineers would always look for the root cause and would permanently eliminate the flaws in the system and document the same for future references.

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