Our working models

Fast track process
Support Guru has proven case studies where the fast track selection process was successfully implemented for the clients and almost the support was started within very few hours of the initial levels of conversations. This methodology overrides the traditional RFP’s and the core focus was much on the expectations, baselines, SLA’s and client setup requirements. Our CEO had successfully implemented the process take over within few hours and the next morning the overall support entity, which includes 25 members team, handled the offshore support in Amulya Global Delivery Center.

Co management process
The strategies of the Business would change at a course of time; we follow the co management process in communicating the changes effectively and the changes in the business and delivery strategies are handled appropriately. Effective implementation of Business Process Management Solutions to help and handle the offshoring needs of the existing and new customers has made Support Guru and our clients establish a strong relationship for the past 9 years. On a part of continual improvement of Business, Amulya would also help the clients in opting new ‘Business Cases’ that would drive the ‘Customer Experience and Satisfaction’ factor to the peak.

TOC – Total Cost of Ownership
Support Guru has helped its customers, in the financial estimates reduction of their product support and avail the most benefits of their investments and spendings along with Amulya.

Starting from the Baseline period, our operational team would study the overall offshored process and would suggest clients with plans for reducing their Business and operational costs furthermore. As we know the fact ‘Global Labor arbitrage’, the main mantra on why Outsourcing needs originated, we provide most competent pricing for all our international clients. Support Guru believes that the key focus is on the efficiency of operations, having said that we would bet on every efficiency and enhancement sourcing deals. During crisis situations we provide a maximum guarantee along with feasible and promising disaster recovery systems that has helped major clients to be back on track without losing their valuable consumers.

Continuous Performance Reporting
Dedicated QA Team from Support Guru, a function that directly reports to our Operations Director would monitor the agreed SLA’s on a timely fashion. Any flaws identified within the team and the defined process will be identified and recommended corrective action would be determined. The same would be effectively executed and documented for future references. We have performance analytic parameters set with a robust in house developed automated tool to measure the metrics. The data is very securely maintained. Relative records are delivered to the clients as per the agreed contract.

Next Generation Support …
Any Chief Sourcing officer and the Onsite Manager would be pleased to wish, train, and instruct their offshore team on a periodical basis. In Support Guru we make you feel the closeness, fully equipped training room with web cams can be a part of this methodology. You can train our team using online sessions and interact with the Support Engineers, Developers and Programmers and stay close with them. They could also share their feel and feedbacks with you directly. This even more reduces the time spent on emails explaining a small process, instead turn on the webcam | speakers and the communication is very effective this way.

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