How we work

Need Analysis
Once we reach a client who needs our services, we do a study of what their needs are, in detail, and then suggest a plan accordingly.

The Business development team analyses this and finds out the feasibility, on discussion with the Operations team. Time, Cost, technology, availability of resources and other factors are taken into account in addition to client needs and then a plan is laid out for the client.

Once the team starts providing support, customization and development work, we also collect inputs from the end customers and send it back to the client. Customer input, volume etc are taken into account to decide on changes to medium, type, team size (volume), time of support etc.

Whether at the initial stages or while in the process, the following criteria determines the needs to a larger extent.

Medium: Email / Chat / Phone / Combo

With customer convenience in mind, Support Guru Engineers are always available through all medium. A client can choose one or more of them according to their business needs. Making all the modes of contact available is essential to cater to different situational requirements.

For example, an application, product,  web server can fail unexpectedly and end users will face a longer or a shorter downtime in the process. Sometimes, because of such problems, the customer may not be able to reach your customer care service or the technical support staff in the conventional mode as the entire services goes down. Having phone support service available to your customers where they can call, becomes the need of the hour then Each one of these modes complements the other and together form a package that will provide enhanced customer satisfaction. Now that our Engineers are well trained to handle support requests through any medium, a customer query is answered through a mode that is most convenient for them combined with quick resolution time. This single window support strategy is very effective and guarantees enhanced customer satisfaction.

Generally, phone support is the best fit to resolve level one issue quickly or to build or regain trust with irritated / frustrated end customers. Helpdesk support is ideal for level 2 and level 3 issues. Live chat strikes a balance when more interaction is needed and demonstrations are needed. Live chat also works best for sales enquiries. Based on their requirements and trend, the client can choose one or more of the support medium.

Hours: 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 hrs or as per need

There are few clients who have an in-house team and few that don’t. Based on that and the volume of work, a client can choose the hours of support between 8 hrs to 24 hrs as a supplementary or complementary team for their support or customization needs.

The after-hours plan is an excellent option for those clients who wish to project 24 / 7 support as value addition to their customers however does not want to or cannot have a dedicated in-house team for the same.


Specialization: Dedicated Support Tech, Escalation Engineer, Developer and Programmer.

Based on the level and volume of support requests, customization requests together determine whether the client needs  only dedicated support techs or Escalation engineers who can handle Level 3 categorized tasks. When client needs and technology used is unique, specialization is required which demands a combo of Front end Support tech, back end Escalation engineer assistance along with Developers/Programmers to fix bugs or carry out feature enhancements .


Expertise level: Level one / level two / Level three

Existence of an In-house team, their expertise determines what part of the support and development has to be taken care by our team. Also, allocation of resources is optimal once this need is identified,there is neither a duplication of work nor customer needs are left unresolved.

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