Open Source support solution Center

Open-source softwares are increasingly glorified as a way for companies to take greater control of their IT environments, in the process controlling the cost spent on licenses and content of their Business operations. An evident fact is that open source represents different things to different companies, depending on the company's size and the investments they had made in information technology.

Support Guru serves as a one stop solution center for major Open source software widely used across the Globe. Most of the enterprises and SMB’s have opted for the cost effective open source software, thus reducing the operational licensing costs. Support for the open source code became vital and among the competitors Support Guru stays unique in supporting all kinds of Open source software.

We value the customers’ queries and our strong Customer service and technical team would help answering and fixing the issues and requests reported. Our response time is within 30 min for any request and the resolution time would be within 4 hrs.

Support Guru offers support for all 24*7*365 days and through phone, email, chat and IM. Our customer service representatives would offer comprehensive level 1 and level 2 supports for all the reported incidents and would resolve the incidents at the first time the issue being reported. We mainly concentrate on FCR’s first call resolution.  All incidents and issues are tracked with specialized help desk systems and we would ensure that the support is appropriately handled.

All the customization requests and bugs are tracked exclusively and escalated to the development team and the work flow is coordinated efficiently. The customers are kept informed on the status of the reported issue by our Customer service team. They would have the sole responsibility from the beginning till the resolution of any reported incident.
Dedicated Technical Account Manager System is also available on demand and the account manager would be responsible for managing exclusive Key clients.

Technology Served:
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Open source software vendors / Independent Open source vendors:
Support Guru can be a versatile support partner for any vendors across all verticals and for all types of businesses worldwide. Our customer service representatives would be ensuring a memorable support experience for the consumers and our robust technical team can ease their technical needs and customization efforts. Product customization, deployment, training, bug fixing, updating patches all offered under one roof thus partnering the vendors by all means.

We have successfully implemented the support strategies which would best suit the Business processes in the companies using the Open source code in their operations. Our tiered level of support has helped many vendors with an effective solution. We offer per incident plans which would be addressed one time, or purchasing a block of say 50 hrs. Or 100 hrs. Of support. For SMB’s and Enterprises the best suited plan would be opting for dedicated tiered model which comprises of Level 1 till Level 3 support.

Basic Operational Structure:

We would prioritize the requests based on the plans signed up for and in general, we classify as

P1 – Priority 1
which often referred as critical business impacting flaw in the system which needs immediate attention and fixed immediately. Any P1 bug reported would be directly monitored by the Manager and the development team would begin analyzing the issue and deploy the solution as soon as possible.

P2 – Priority 2
which often left unhandled may have chances to turn around as a P1 incident. Usually the P2 issues are resolved within 4 hrs. Of time the issue is reported.

P3 – Priority 3
which would be resolved at a maximum of 24 hrs. of time the issue is reported.

P4 – Priority 4
bugs would be again internally prioritized with the Scrum teams and the resolution would be offered starting from 3 to 5 business days. Our proficient Customer Service teams would stay closely with all classifications of bugs and would keep the consumers informed on the status of the reported incidents which is one of the key success areas of Support Guru.