Corporate Governance

Company Vision
The vision for Amulya Infotech is to offer the best possible IT services to clientele worldwide by adopting effective quality management system, world class infrastructure and multi-skilled expertise.

Mission Statement
Amulya Infotech is a IT company aimed at providing high quality services through teamwork and dedication of multi-skilled experts. We see our customers and employees as partners and aim to achieve a globally recognised brand name in the IT Field. Our mission is to achieve continual growth and annual profitability by being a leading and reliable provider of IT services to customers worldwide, at the same time maintain a fun and innovative culture amongst our staffs.


Our objectives are to:
  • Offer customised and diversified solutions / services
  • Attain total customer satisfaction
  • Create multi-skilled staff
  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Expand globally
  • Values

Amulya believes in 3 core values
People / Partners - We see our customers and employees as partners and always work to keep them happy. Amulya believes in a friendly / flat hierarchy approach where the employees / customers work in harmony.

Process - We continually work on to improve our process and build a robust system in place which can lead to total customer satisfaction

Products - We believe in having the right products in the right place which will improve the overall efficiency and delivery of the company. Amulya has built a lot of custom products over the time and continually work to create more products which will help to deliver better services.

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Our Infrastructure
Quality Process