Application Support Services Offered/Key offerings:

Product Deployment / Inbound & Outbound Methodology
Our Multi skilled Support Engineers would successfully deploy the Applications in the Customer Terminals through Remote installations which are handled using Internet based tools. Excellent communication skills adds value to the customer experience and our trained engineers, well versed in Inbound and Outbound calls, fixing appointments and handling the application deployment in any number of terminals within the expected quote of time.


Consumer End Product Training
Support Engineer who knows the sophistications of the product, would break the complexities in learning the product for the user who would be using the product. Revelant training materials would be developed and our engineers would help the end users in navigation and help in understanding the features of the product.


Change Request Tracking and Reporting using wide range of marked leading tools.
Any successfully deployed software would always require enhancements in features and would also happen to prevail with minimal bugs reported by the customers while using the software. Our Support engineers would track all CR’s and the reported bugs using help desk tools, CRM’s and effectively report the same to the Development team. All Customers who reported the change or Bug would be constantly informed on the ETA and with the exact happening on their requests. This would always enhance customer service and would maximize the user experience index.


Transitioning of New product and Feature enhancements
Any newly released feature or supplementary functions will be effectively learnt by our engineers and the same would be transitioned to all of the customers. We organize online meetings and web casts explaining the changes made to a feature or to the entire functionality of the software. We would track the questions during such sessions and would try to zero down the doubts the customers might have on the product.


Functionality – Technical Support
Support modes to be taken from and modified in order to avoid data duplication. We resolve a wide range of technical issues ranging from simple to high level, 24/7/365 round the clock. By providing a comprehensive support.


Backend Database Support
Our Support Engineers are well versed in handling the customized back end Data Base administering tools.


Affiliates and Vendor Management
Our support engineers would not limit with the technical support boundaries instead move a level ahead with the vendors and affiliates management, co-related with the product and would help a smooth drive in the success of the product by supporting the operations from the beginning till the end.


Tiered Model
We offer a various range of services starting from Tier 1 till Tier 3 which best suits the Client’s requirements.


Application Support and Maintenance:
Global trend implies a total of 60% of IT spending in the ‘Support & Maintenance’ of Software Applications. Retaining and Training the consumers on the product is the key challenge for major ISV’s spread across the globe. Outsourcing the ‘Support and Maintenance’ of the software has helped the manufacturers expand the operations across the globe and spend the allocated IT Budget for new technology incorporations and in the enhancements of their product.

Support Guru’s venture with valued SMB’s for more than 8 years have been historically successful and our Key focus includes,

  • 24/7/365 Round the clock, End to End total Solutions
  • First call resolution for most of the incidents
  • Root cause analysis of the issues and effective reporting
  • Continual improvement and exceeding the agreed Service Level Agreements
  • We consider our clients businesses as our businesses and valuing their customers
  • Stern Quality control and performance analysis, implementing CAPA process
  • ISO 9001:2008 Standards
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